Introducing Gregs Eggs

Introducing Gregs Eggs

Site launch announcement!

And, it’s just in time for the nationwide egg shortage happening right now, where the price of a dozen eggs has doubled in less than 12 months–ostensibly due to ongoing bird flu and other lingering supply chain issues.

Logo for "Greg's Eggs" ( in Smoke Rise, GA.  Logo uses a clever "G" letter with duck's head and an inviting sunrise with rays shining behind the letters.

This all means there’s never been a better time to launch

Fresh Duck Eggs for Sale

If you’re in the Smoke Rise / Tucker / Stone Mountain / Mountain Park Georgia area, you can try a couple free samples of the most delicious (per me) & nutritious (per science) eggs you’ve ever had.  Seriously, if you’re in the neighborhood, we’ll bring you a couple of free extras to try.  Visit and put the free sample item in your cart.  We’ll deliver them to your doorstep that Saturday (or so).

Dave’s Ducks <> Greg’s Eggs

Greg’s Eggs is a fun & educational collaboration between my teenage son Gregory and me – “Dave’s Ducks” <> “Greg’s Eggs.”

He and I started raising Pekin ducks together back during the early days of the pandemic when it wasn’t clear what exactly was happening next.

Like everyone else in March of 2020, we saw empty grocery store shelves. We noticed just about everything disappearing from the local farm supply–fencing, feed, livestock, gardening supplies.  We were pretty late to the deep freezer buying frenzy and found the last one available in Atlanta area for sale at the old Sears scratch & dent outlet (deal of the century).

Honestly, it was disconcerting.

So, not knowing much about raising ducks, we ordered 10 chicks, picked them up at the post office a couple weeks later, and started finding our way.

In addition to plenty of fresh eggs every day, the ducks provided lots of much needed mental health benefits along the way.  It was like we had our own happy-go-lucky comedy troupe ready to entertain us whenever the chips were down during those difficult times.

Three years later, it all feels like a weird dream, but here we are.

The Duck Egg Biz

Greg & I decided to get serious about raising eggs, learn a little bit about running a business, and share our delicious hobby with friends and neighbors.

So, we got the training and passed the written & practical tests required by the Georgia Dept of Agriculture which allow us to inspect and grade eggs and sell them directly to consumers.


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