About Me

My Bio, Some Personal Photos, and Quick Timeline

About Me

Personal Background

I grew up in Redding, CA surrounded by breathtaking forests, mountain ranges, and lakes. Early images and experiences of  the vast natural splendors of that region are with me every day.

My dad, Ed Turney, was a professor of theology and pastored a local church. He and my mom showed me and my three younger siblings how to live a good & happy life without a whole lot of extra money to spare.

In high school & college, I preferred solo sports like swimming, running, and biking. As team captain of the Enterprise High School Hornets swim team, I set a long-standing Northern California 400 relay record.

HTML for Dummies

As a Gen X’er, I was born into a world more or less untouched by what would become the internet.

It’s true, kids. Back at the beginning, we really did refer to the “Worldwide Web” (www) as the “Information Superhighway.”

Fast forwarding to Y2K, I remember my boss asking if anyone knew much about building an intranet.  I had no idea, but I stopped by the bookstore and bought a copy of “HTML for Dummies” to read on the plane over Christmas break.  I came back to work in January and started building a corporate intranet.  Because, why not?

That was the beginning of a digital marketing career at Elsevier. I would go on to work on a lot of exciting digital projects in digital media and web-based communications supporting international sales & marketing teams.


Outside work, I have had the privilege of serving on several diocesan and  parochial boards in the ACNA & APA.  I have helped many churches and non-profit organizations navigate the new world of internet communications and amplify  the voice of ministries helping the poor and lost of this world.

In my local community, I’m a licensed HAM Radio operator and active Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) member.

Most recently, I volunteered as a youth group leader at St. Barnabas Anglican Church for 5 years. I served on the board of Neighborhood Cooperative Ministries and have led charitable team events benefitting Atlanta’s International Community School (ICS).


Stephanie and I were married in 1997 in San Diego California where we would be blessed with three amazing children.  As fortune would have it, between our marrying and having children, we would end up living & working with an American businessman and his family at an amazing chateau in the middle of France (near Poitiers). We returned to San Diego just in time to toast Y2K and start our family and my career in digital marketing.

We have always been involved in the classical education movement in various ways and have homeschooled our own children all the way through (yes, into a good college).

Spare Time?

As for hobbies & interests, I confess to enduring interest in motorsport from an early age.  I started wrenching on my own 1969 Dodge Coronet RT when I was 14 years old and still drive a 1954 Dodge Royal V8 (241 baby hemi) today.

Lately, I’ve discovered the life of gentleman farmer by growing both conventional and hydroponic gardens and raising ducks for meat and eggs.

Photo Gallery

  • Born in Portland, OR

    Memories have faded, but I remember the bookstores, the baby food & rain.

  • Redding, CA

    Most of my upbringing happened in beautiful Redding CA.  Swim Team Captain, Enterprise High.

  • San Diego, CA (1990)

    Flight school. Literature degree from Cal State University San Marcos. Worked at SD Wild Animal Park.

  • Annapolis, MD (1996)

    Met my wife while pursuing a Masters Degree at St. John's College, aka "the Great Books School" founded in 1696.

  • Montmorillon, France (1998)

    Fantasic live/work opportunity in a chateau just east of Montmorillon, the world's capital of Macaron cookies.

  • San Diego, CA (2000)

    15 year career in digital marketing at Elsevier.

  • Atlanta, GA (currently)

    Moved to the ATL in 2012. Was working from home long before Covid made it cool.

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